Introducing Chatterboxes: Empowering 9-11-Year-Olds to Speak English Confidently!

Discover Chatterboxes, our specially tailored programme designed for enthusiastic learners aged 9-11. As with all our programmes, Chatterboxes provides a stress-free environment, fostering a love for language learning. Bid farewell to traditional tests, as we assess student progress weekly, ensuring an adaptable and personalised learning experience.

Chatterboxes employs interactive activities that encourage children to express themselves in complete sentences with accurate grammar, all naturally and enjoyably. Our dynamic curriculum focuses on promoting fluent, confident English communication.

To address varying English proficiency levels and age groups, the Chatterboxes course is divided into distinct levels, guaranteeing targeted instruction and optimal progress.

Chatterboxes has two courses, Chatterboxes and Chatterboxes Plus!

Secure your child’s place today and unlock their full potential in English language fluency with Chatterboxes. Join us on this exciting journey where learning becomes an adventure!

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