“Introducing Explore With Hugo: To have fun adventures while learning English in 3-6-Year-Olds!”

At Start Smart English, I am delighted to offer this Explore With Hugo program, specially crafted for young learners aged 3-6 years. This program is designed to be fun, active, and stress-free. The course is inspired by many different types of methods. Because no one child learns the same, by using multiple methods, Start Smart English can ensure each student gets the chance to shine. It also ensures repetition which is a basic requirement when learning a language, but using different methods, prevents it from becoming boring.

The Explore With Hugo courses include interactive games, lively motion, and animated songs! Your child will not be bored and you will be pleasantly surprised to see how excited they get for English.

Secure your child a spot today and embark on a transformative English learning journey with Explore with Hugo. Join us and watch as their language skills and confidence soar!

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