Grammar Essentials & Assessments

Master the nuances of grammar with targeted instructions and quizzes. Explore topics like ‘an’ versus ‘a’ and refine your understanding of essential grammatical rules through practical assessments

Angleska Matura

These exercises are designed to increase your knowledge and use of verbs. Each quiz contains a description and an example. All answers are available for self-assessment. You don’t need to sign in to Google to use the quizzes.

Reading Comprehension

Enhance your ability to understand and interpret written texts. Dive into passages across various genres and sharpen your skills in extracting key information, making inferences, and analyzing textual elements. With guided exercises and strategies, develop proficiency in comprehending complex texts effectively.

Listening Comprehension

Strengthen your ability to comprehend spoken language through focused exercises and activities. Engage with audio materials across diverse topics and formats, honing your understanding of main ideas, identifying key details, and inferring meaning from context. Navigate through various accents and speech patterns to become a proficient listener in different contexts.

Pronunciation Practice

Refine your pronunciation skills with targeted exercises and feedback. Explore the nuances of sound production and improve your ability to articulate words accurately. From phonetic drills to real-world practice, enhance your clarity and fluency in spoken communication. Unlock the secrets to confident and effective pronunciation through structured learning and expert guidance.

Idioms and Phrases

Delve into the colourful world of idiomatic expressions and phrases. Learn the meanings behind common idioms and phrases used in everyday language, and discover how to use them appropriately in context. Through engaging activities and examples, expand your repertoire of idiomatic expressions, enhancing your language proficiency and cultural understanding. Master the art of idiomatic expression to communicate more effectively and fluently in both written and spoken English.

Cultural Insights

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of English culture and tradition. From historical landmarks to contemporary customs, delve into the diverse aspects that shape English society. Gain insights into cultural norms, values, and etiquette, enriching your understanding of English-speaking communities worldwide. Through engaging discussions, activities, and multimedia resources, deepen your appreciation for English culture while refining your language skills. Explore the connections between language and culture, and broaden your global perspective.

Baby Sensory

Engage your little one’s developing senses with our curated selection of props and setups. From vibrant visual displays to textured toys and soothing sounds, our sessions are designed to stimulate your baby’s senses of sight, sound, touch, and more. Join us for a multisensory adventure that fosters exploration, curiosity, and bonding.

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