At Start Smart English, I am excited to introduce the Annual Membership Program—a gateway to a world of exclusive benefits and a delightful addition to your child’s English learning adventure.

Premium Learning Materials: The membership fee ensures access to books and the meticulously chosen materials used to enrich your child’s English learning experience. I am committed to providing the best resources for effective, stress-free, and fun education.

Personalized Membership Card: As a member, your child can submit a passport photo to receive a personalized membership card. This optional fun keepsake is a token of belonging, a unique identifier within the Start Smart English community.

Learning Materials: My focus is on making English learning engaging and enjoyable, but I also want to keep it as affordable as possible. I create and print all of the materials, including the books used, with the Start Smart English courses. The membership means there are no books to buy. The membership has it covered.

Special Offers and Discounts: Enjoy member-exclusive discounts on One to One instructions and the option to add a second lesson per week with a 20% discount!

Enroll in Any English Course: Choose any of our English courses that best suit your child’s learning goals.

Pay the Annual Membership Fee: All students have to pay this.

Submit a Passport Photo: Provide a passport photo, and we’ll create a personalized membership card for your child.

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