Sensory Classes / Senzorični razredi (3m to 3 leta)

These classes are specially crafted for parents and babies, providing an enriching environment for babies & toddlers aged 3 months to 3 years. The sensory class courses, consisting of six lessons, are spread over six weeks and offer a structured yet nurturing approach to early language development. Through interactive play, songs, and activities, sensory development is stimulated, while fostering early language acquisition. Our sensory classes create meaningful bonding experiences between parents and their babies while setting a strong foundation for future language skills.

There are 3 sensory courses to choose from. Each course is designed according to a baby’s needs at specific ages.

Baby sensory courses / Otroški senzorični tečaji (3 mesece – 3 leta)

Start Smart English Sensory Courses are Great For Kids But Did You Know, They’re Just As Fab For New Mothers Too?

Having a baby is a life-changing experience. No matter how prepared you think you are and how many baby books you read, when your baby arrives your whole world is changed forever. Suddenly you are in charge of a tiny human who relies on you to meet their every need, no matter how little sleep you’ve had or how hard you’re finding it.

It can be harder than you imagined and lonelier than you thought. Almost overnight you switch from being a busy working adult to being at home looking after a small baby who needs your attention day and night. Throw in a serious dose of sleep deprivation and it’s no surprise that many new parents (and new mums especially) can begin to feel isolated and alone like never before.

Why Baby & Toddler Groups Are Great For Parents

  1. Sensory classes give you a reason to get out of the house
  2. Sensory classes give structure to your week
  3. Sensory classes can help combat loneliness
  4. Sensory classes provide an opportunity to form friendships and find a new tribe
  5. Sensory classes make you feel more confident about your parenting skills
  6. Sensory classes give you a chance to spend focused time with your child
  7. Sensory classes provide a safe space to discuss your birth story and your experience of early parenting
  8. Sensory classes take the pressure off having to entertain your baby 24/7

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