Start Smart English hosts 5-day camps during the summer!

7 – 12 years
7 – 12 years

1st – 5th July
8th – 12th July


The camps take place on the edge of Planina from 8 am to 3 pm.

Daily Schedules Include

The students have a daily English lesson. The lesson includes vocabulary that they will use that day. Each student receives a workbook to use during the lessons and to take home after, to use for self-learning.

Every day the students go on a walk. Some days the walk is long, other days, the walk is more about exploring and finding items in nature. Whether it be specific trees, plants or even animals!

The students have snacks available on arrival. The first half an hour is all about eating, colouring, running about, basically, whatever the students need to wake up properly.

Every day includes at least one craft. The crafts include printing, using items found in nature, making flowers out of cones, placemats made from clay, and so on.

The students get the opportunity to help prepare food which will be eaten for their lunch. They make pizza dough, prepare pizza dough and then add the toppings, then wait for it to be cooked so they can eat it! We also have a firepit for one day, students enjoy cooking their own hotdogs and marshmallows on sticks!

Other activities depend on the weather. If the weather is rainy, we tend to do more crafting and board games. In cloudy weather, the activities tend to be more active, such as races, ‘war games’ and so on. When the weather gets hot, the students finally get to play water games, which is usually the favourite.

The day will be crammed with so many activities that the students will be stimulated all day! The whole schedule takes place in the English language.

There are “quiet” tents available for students who might need a nap or just some quiet time. It comes in handy more at the end of the week when a student might need an extra hour’s sleep in the morning.

We also have a cabin, and a big tent, so even bad weather won’t stop us!

Group sizes are kept small, so spots are limited. This is to ensure close attention to all children.

Summer Camp FAQ

How to apply?

You can download, print, and give me the application form personally. We will accept applications for the summer of 2025 in March 2025.

Or you can fill out the online application form below

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